Family History

In carrying on the Genders vineyard and winery I continue a family winemaking tradition from both sides of my family.

My great, great grandmother, Mary Laurie, was South Australia's first registered lady vigneron. After her husband died, she ran the family winery, Southcote, just out of Port Elliot, for twenty five years until her death in 1898.

My great grandmother, Amy Pridmore, ran her winery, Woodley, in Glen Osmond, for fifteen years, following the death of her husband. She did this from 1907 to 1922. She was well known for her fine palate.

Diana's History

I obtained a Bachelor degree in wine science in 1988 and worked in several wineries, such as Hardy's, Barossa Valley Estates, Andrew Garrett Wines and Tolley Wines, where I was winemaker for six years.

In 1997, after consulting to wineries in the south-west of France, I decided it was time to return to the family property and commenced working as winemaker in the family business with my father, Keith Genders.


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